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Date 2018-10-07.16:47:59
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> From what I understand, this can be done in one of two ways. First, we could edit and not incrementing -s and -E. But I believe this would have consequences that I'm unable to think of right now, so I'd like some inputs on this. 

As in the docs for -I it implies -s and -E so removing the increment is not a good solution in my opinion and will break code. 

I don't know how this can be handled since -I sets -s and -E implicitly and _args_from_interpreted_flags just looks for the set flag. This could also get a little complex if we remove -s and -E based on -I since one might pass -I and -s. Maybe we can do an intersection of the command line arguments passes and the set bits in _args_from_interpreted_flags so that only -I remains? Victor prefers -I only and maybe has an approach to solve this?
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