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Author matrixise
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Date 2018-10-06.04:47:45
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git bisect start
# bad: [1596fea0a329e1f5e4cce0135724881ca5f1d341] bpo-34899: Fix a possible assertion failure due to int_from_bytes_impl() (GH-9705)
git bisect bad 1596fea0a329e1f5e4cce0135724881ca5f1d341
# good: [84b0129b5e0a0e22aad22ae8db2e3833a228aa57] _Py_CoerceLegacyLocale() restores LC_CTYPE on fail (GH-9044) (GH-9046)
git bisect good 84b0129b5e0a0e22aad22ae8db2e3833a228aa57
# good: [470a435f3b42c9be5fdb7f7b04f3df5663ba7305] bpo-34623: Use XML_SetHashSalt in _elementtree (GH-9146)
git bisect good 470a435f3b42c9be5fdb7f7b04f3df5663ba7305
# bad: [92ad2612bef198f2e3f8f09bf552189e27afcc4e] bpo-1529353: IDLE: Squeezer What's New for 3.6.7 (GH-9567)
git bisect bad 92ad2612bef198f2e3f8f09bf552189e27afcc4e
# good: [e5fde1f992e94f166415ab96d874ed1d2e0c8004] bpo-34537: Fix test_gdb:test_strings with LC_ALL=C (GH-9483)
git bisect good e5fde1f992e94f166415ab96d874ed1d2e0c8004
# bad: [394e55a9279d17240ef6fe85d3b4ea3fe7b6dff5] [3.7] bpo-17239: Disable external entities in SAX parser (GH-9217) (GH-9511)
git bisect bad 394e55a9279d17240ef6fe85d3b4ea3fe7b6dff5
# bad: [44989bc2696320cf55ae6f329aaf58edd49d792a] bpo-34472: Add data descriptor signature to zipfile (GH-8871) (GH-9399)
git bisect bad 44989bc2696320cf55ae6f329aaf58edd49d792a
# good: [c00f7037df3607c89323e68db3ab996b7df394de] bpo-34759: Fix error handling in ssl 'unwrap()' (GH-9468)
git bisect good c00f7037df3607c89323e68db3ab996b7df394de
# bad: [0c076caaa82a9c6596e1fe1dbe6384d53f30a1a3] [3.7] bpo-29577: Enum: mixin classes don't mix well with already mixed Enums (GH-9328) (GH-9486)
git bisect bad 0c076caaa82a9c6596e1fe1dbe6384d53f30a1a3
# first bad commit: [0c076caaa82a9c6596e1fe1dbe6384d53f30a1a3] [3.7] bpo-29577: Enum: mixin classes don't mix well with already mixed Enums (GH-9328) (GH-9486)
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