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Date 2018-09-30.21:23:18
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To me, this issue is about unnecessary dependence on implementation details, with the particular example being 'is' versus '=='.  Perhaps PEP8, Programming Recommendations, should have a new subsection 'Implementation Dependencies' to recommend against such dependency when not necessary.

Although IDLE depends on CPython's tkinter, I agree that it should follow this principle.  I extracted the idlelib change to PR9649 to be applied and backported regardless of the fate of Serhiy's main proposal.

At least on Windows, "assert (0, 'bad')" raises SyntaxWarning in freshly compiled 3.6.7+ but not in 3.7.1+ or 3.8.

[A separate issue (#34857): the warning is not displayed in IDLE and the warning in the Shell causes looping.]
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