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There is a large difference with the DeprecationWarning in the md5 and sha modules.

A SyntaxWarning is emitted when the compiler compiles Python sources to bytecode. Since bytecode is cached in pyc files, you will see it at most once at first run of the application. If the application compiles Python files at install time, warnings will be emitted at that time, and will be not emitted when run the application. If the application is distributed with precompiled pyc files, the user will not see warnings at all. If the developer installs dependencies that contain this error, his will see a warning only once, and can either ignore it (taking the current state), or report a bug. Warnings will not annoy him when he debug his code.

In contrary, the DeprecationWarning was emitted every time when you import the md5 or sha modules.

Professional applications likely already use checkers which caught this error. This warning will help non-professional applications distributed as a single script or handful of scripts. Users of such application often seat near its author. In many cases the only user is its author.
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