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Date 2018-09-27.13:38:58
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Commit merged into master:

commit 7291108d88ea31d205da4db19d202d6cbffc6d93
Author: Pablo Galindo <>
Date:   Thu Sep 27 10:25:03 2018 +0100

    Fix tests in test_socket to use correctly CMSG_LEN (GH-9594)
    After some failures in AMD64 FreeBSD CURRENT Debug 3.x buildbots
    regarding tests in test_socket that are using
    testFDPassSeparateMinSpace(), FreeBDS revision 337423 was pointed
    out to be the reason the test started to fail.
    A close examination of the manpage for cmsg_space(3) reveals that
    the number of file descriptors needs to be taken into account when
    using CMSG_LEN().
    This commit fixes tests in test_socket to use correctly CMSG_LEN, taking
    into account the number of FDs.


commit addef07ca7d7b6971d59c062c3229e91a99e5f5e (upstream/3.7, 3.7)
Author: Miss Islington (bot) <>
Date:   Thu Sep 27 06:30:47 2018 -0700


commit fe48b6df101aac10dc846fa6fd1a41f877e77025 (upstream/3.6, 3.6)
Author: Miss Islington (bot) <>
Date:   Thu Sep 27 06:30:55 2018 -0700

(the commit message doesn't contain bpo-34521, so bots didn't added comments here about the commits)
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