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Date 2018-09-25.02:01:17
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Tal, if you think this is ready, I would like to get this in the upcoming releases.  I believe the deadline is midnight at the international dateline, which is noon UTC tomorrow, just over 9 hours from now. 

I decided that any suggestions I might have for the non-user-visible aspects of and can wait for later.  The best review of user-visible aspects will come from using it.

A second use of squeezer should be debugger's global and non-global('local') namespace displays.  The intended format is one name-value pair per line.  But values can be indefinitely large.  For this, we could skip the context menu (there is not one now), use a fixed trigger of n characters, and have double-click display to a popup Squeezer View.

I will come back to this in a couple of hours to see if you have responded.  I would write and merge a separate expanded news entry for idlelib/NEWS.txt.
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