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Date 2018-09-24.17:04:56
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Having looked at it again, Adrian Dries might be right that setting exc_text to None will also do the trick, and perhaps in a better way. The reasoning:

Handler.format() formats record.msg % record.args, and caches it in record.message. If there is exception information, it will format that and cache it in record.exc_text, then append the exception text to the message and return that.

So prepare() calling

msg = self.format(record)

will return the complete message and exception text in msg, and record will have record.message = record.msg % record.args, and record.exc_info and record.exc_text will have exception info.

When preparing, the prepare() method pretends that the already-formatted message was logged - record.msg % record.args is equivalent to record.message with no args, so it does

record.msg = msg (contains formatted message + exception info)
record.args = None (since the args have already been used)
record.exc_info = None (since the exception info has already been used)

but I forgot that record.exc_text should also be zapped, as it should always reflect the contents of record.exc_info. So I think that setting record.exc_text to None is perhaps the correct thing to do here, as Adrian originally suggested.

There should be a test that specifically exercises this with a QueueHandler and QueueListener - test_queue_listener needs to test for this case in case a regression reappears.

The reason for converting record.msg, record.args, record.exc_info and record.exc_text to record.msg = fully formatted message, None, None and None is that the arguments and exception trace may not be pickleable, which is a consideration when using multiprocessing queues. Otherwise we could just have passed them over unchanged.

Are you OK with changing the PR in line with the above, Cheryl?
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