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Author gvanrossum
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Date 2018-09-23.20:59:41
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I would love to know how to repro the original bug so I can demonstrate this actually fixes it.

Here's what I think should be the repro:

/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.8/bin/python3  -c 'import subprocess; p = subprocess.Popen([".mypy/venv/bin/python3","-m","mypy.dmypy","-h"]).communicate()'

The setup is that .mypy/venv is a virtualenv that has mypy.dmypy installed. This is what failed for the user who reported this.

Unfortunately this does not fail for me (with a framework build from master installed). Would I have to do the install via brew? (I would have to learn about locally testing modified brew recipes, I suppose.)
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