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If HelpText is ever subclassed from a view text class, the color_config and call will be deleted.  But changing the two fixed colors will be needed in any case.

The background option in
  self.tag_configure('pre', font=(fixedfont, 12), background='#f6f6ff')
was intended to give fixed-pitch words a very light bluish background, but I cannot see any difference, so deleting it is no loss.

For the pre block, "background='#eeffcc'" gives the block a yellow background that matches the one used in online docs, as viewed by me with Firefox.  So it is made conditional on the foreground color being the default solid black (which is different from tk's 'black').

Border colors appear to be fixed at some black, making the border invisible on a black or near-black background.  But it does not seem worthwhile to try to decide when to omit it.
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