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Author gvanrossum
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Date 2018-09-22.01:20:27
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I was pointed here after we found some erroneous behavior.

We have a script run by the system python that invokes a specific venv's python3 with a -m flag requesting a module that is installed (only) in that venv. A user complained that this failed, with the venv's python3 claiming the module was not installed (but it was, as proved by manually running it with the same -m flag).

Eventually someone realized that this was because the system python was a python3 installed by homebrew -- somehow this caused the system python (being python3) set __PYVENV_LAUNCHER__, and that made the venv's python3 ignore the venv's site-packages and instead look in the system python's site-packages.

This feels very wrong.

Maybe this is just a clearer description of But that gained no traction while here there is at least some discussion.
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