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Date 2018-09-21.16:32:24
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> one of the things we want to fix is to eliminate non-PyObject
> pointer types from public APIs entirely.

A notable exception is Py_buffer. [1]  As well, cross-interpreter data must not be PyObject, though that isn't much of an issue (yet). :)  At some point it may make sense to make _PyCrossInterpreterData [2] part of the public C-API.  However, we can cross *that* bridge later. :)

Using PyObject for contextvars makes sense (for the reasons you described) as long as they won't be shared between interpreters.  I'm not super familiar with the contextvars C-API, but it looks like cross-interpreter issues are *not* a factor.  If that's the case then there's nothing further to discuss. :)

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