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Date 2018-09-20.16:07:17
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I have a personal helper function for writing (Qt) GUIs that generates ComboBoxes from Enums; essentially something like

    class Choices(Enum):
        choice1 = "text for choice 1"
        choice2 = "text for choice 2"

    def callback(choice: Choices):
        # do stuff based on choice

    create_combobox(Choices, callback=callback)

I'm not including the actual code for create_combobox because it's not particularly relevant here.

So far, if I wanted to add methods to the Choice enum (e.g. for simplifying the code in `callback`), I could do it directly; if I wanted to dynamically generate the list of choices, I could also do it (by using the functional API).  But to do both, it would have been nice to use the locals().update approach in the bug report above.  Instead, I need to do something like

    class MethodsMixin(Enum):
        def method(self): ...

    ChoicesWithMethods = MethodsMixin("ChoicesWithMethods", [<the choices>])

(As a side note, I originally thought I could do the inheritance in the opposite direction

    Choices = Enum("Choices", [...])

    class ChoicesWithMethods(Choices):
        def method(self): ...

but that fails because Choices is a final class.  It would be nice if it was still possible to inherit from Choices *as long as only methods are added, rather than new members* (I understand why adding new members is problematic).  But this is really a side point.)

Making _EnumDict actually support update() and every other relevant method is actually not particularly difficult: I think you just need to make it inherit from (, dict) (in that order); this is exactly the approach used (since a while ago) by matplotlib's RcParams class (
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