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Author suic
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Date 2018-09-20.00:51:35
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I politely ask you: Please use my proper first name if you refer to me and please don't call me an extremist (like here Feel free to criticize my opinion but don't put labels on me. We don't know each other. Labeling people (not actions or ideas) is ad hominem argumentation or can be considered to be a personal attack which as far as I understand isn't complaint with CoC either.

And please don't misrepresent what I wrote:

> Marko called our actions 'madness' and here called us 'irresponsible'.   (

I called _the behavior_ irresponsible not the people. Even responsible people can sometimes have irresponsible choices or behavior.

> I find this behavior from the Python core developers and representatives simply rresponsible. (

I hope we can end this debate here.
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