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(Excuse the GitHub syntax - was about to post it there, but it got long enough to belong here)

Regarding the `_dirnameW` discussion, fixing `_dirname` would be ideal, but that is bloating out your PR quite a bit :)

The "right" function to use there is [PathCchRemoveFileSpec](, which unfortunately does not exist on Windows 7.

The fallback is [PathRemoveFileSpec]( which only supports up to `MAX_PATH` (but may do something relatively sensible for longer paths, such as trimming out the last directory separator before that limit - I haven't tested it).

Supporting both is tricky - there's a similar example in `PC/getpathp.c` for `PathCchCombineEx` that could be replicated for dirname. But I'd be okay with taking this PR without that fix and filing a new bug for `_dirnameW`.
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