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> There will be no further discussion about this.

Mariatta, why do you say that?  As long as the participants in the discussion are respectful I'm not aware of any mechanism in the CPython developer guidelines that would require shutting down the discussion.

> The purpose of the tracker is to facilitate patches to the CPython code and docs.

I'm pretty sure the issue tracker gets used for more than strictly facilitating patches.  And TBH this conversation got a little toxic in other areas online.  I don't think it's hurting anything to have a quiet discussion about it here on the issue tracker.

>  Insults so not solve issues.  [...]  Please consider this a warning and don't repeat.

I agree that insults are bad, and I too hope that nobody engages in being insulting.  But I read Gabriel's post twice and I don't see where he insulted anybody.  I found his remarks aggressive and a bit sarcastic, sure.  But not "insulting".  Can you be specific--what was the remark where he insulted somebody?

Gabriel, I agree that you should try to curb your more inflammatory tendencies in your correspondence.  But that's as much a tactical suggestion as it is a CoC reminder.  I assume that your point in writing is to win people over to your point of view--and that's best achieved by being reasonable and making good points.  As the old saying goes, "you'll attract more flies with honey than with vinegar".
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