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Date 2018-09-19.07:04:41
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test_c_locale_coercion *did* test the -E and -I options, by running everything in isolated mode. This was only broken by Victor's changes to the test suite (which broke locale coercion in isolated mode, and hence broke the tests).

As for why PYTHONCLOCALECOERCION=0 and PYTHONCLOCALECOERCION=warn exist even though I don't actually want people to use them, it's because they're a potentially necessary debugging tool if you're seeing an issue that you suspect may be due to locale coercion working on one platform (e.g Fedora), and not working on another (e.g. CentOS 7). You can't easily hide the C.UTF-8 locale from the Python interpreter on Fedora, but you *can* tell the interpreter not to use it.

UTF-8 mode is different, as folks may want to opt in to that regardless of their current locale setting.
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