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Date 2018-09-18.19:32:01
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I get the impression that go uses vfork on Linux, not posix_spawn, because go doesn't use libc (based on reading the referenced issue, not on deep knowledge of go and its implementation).

I do wonder why glibc's implementation of posix_spawn doesn't use vfork more often, and in which cases it is safe to explicitly use vfork even when glibc won't do so by default.

Enabling the use of vfork without determining when it safe to do so is asking for problems, and hard to debug/reproduce ones at that (due to vfork semantics).  Adding a "use_vfork" keyword argument to posix_spawn is IMHO not the right way to go, it would be better to determine when using vfork is safe and then unconditionally enable it.  Otherwise users will have to do the research.
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