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According to the doc Py_GetProgramFullPath() should return the full path of the program name as set by Py_SetProgramName().

This works well in Linux, but in Windows it is always the name of the current executable (from GetModuleFileNameW).

This is because the 2 files Modules/getpath.c and PC/getpathp.c have completely different logic in calculate_program_full_path() vs get_program_full_path().

This difference is harmless when running in the normal interpreter (python.exe), but can be quite dramatic when embedding python into a C application.

The value returned by Py_GetProgramFullPath() is the same as sys.executable in python.

Why this matters? For instance in Linux virtual environments work out of the box for embedded applications, while they are completely ignored in Windows.

python -m venv abcd

and then if I run my app inside the (activated) abcd environment in Linux I can access the same modules as if I were executing python, while in Windows I still get the system module search path.

If you execute the attached program in Linux you get

EXECUTABLE /tmp/abcd/bin/python3
PATH ['/usr/lib/', '/usr/lib/python3.7', '/usr/lib/python3.7/lib-dynload', '/tmp/abcd/lib/python3.7/site-packages']

in Windows

EXECUTABLE c:\TEMP\vsprojects\ConsoleApplication1\x64\Release\ConsoleApplication1.exe
PATH ['C:\\TEMP\\venv\\abcd\\Scripts\\', 'C:\\Python37\\Lib', 'C:\\Python37\\DLLs', 'c:\\TEMP\\vsprojects\\ConsoleApplication1\\x64\\Relea
se', 'C:\\Python37', 'C:\\Python37\\lib\\site-packages']

with a mixture of paths from the venv, system and my app folder.
But more importantly site-packages comes from the system (bad!).

This is because at lines 454 uses the path of the interpreter to locate the venv configuration file.

So in the end, virtual environments work out of the box in Linux even for an embedded python, but not in Windows.
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