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Date 2018-09-18.10:14:58
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On 17/09/2018 16:00, Michael Felt wrote:
> And, now for the PR tests...

Had a review - many thanks, but before I press the resolve button -
Ihope someone can help me understand why the "Travis" etc, checks are
failing, e.g.,

./python -E -S -m sysconfig --generate-posix-vars ;\
if test $? -ne 0 ; then \
echo "generate-posix-vars failed" ; \
rm -f ./pybuilddir.txt ; \
exit 1 ; \
clang -pthread -L/home/travis/multissl/openssl/1.1.0h/lib
-L/home/travis/multissl/openssl/1.1.0h/lib -Xlinker -export-dynamic -o
Programs/_testembed Programs/_testembed.o libpython3.8dm.a -lpthread
-ldl -lutil -lm -lm
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
generate-posix-vars failed

I have no clue how my relatively small change can have this kind of a
effect and then nothing moves forward. Very frustrating!
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