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@Serhiy Looking more closely at #13414, I think there's a good chance that we've just discovered a different bug in OpenBSD's implementation of wcsftime (or strftime). Looks like OpenBSD 6.1 was released in 2017, which should have been years after the fix from #13414 was released.

It seems that OpenBSD does not have a bug tracker per se, and I can't see if this bug has been reported. I can try to install OpenBSD in a VM later and try to reproduce it, but if it's a bug in OpenBSD, I see some possible options:

1. Add an exception to the test suite on OpenBSD (to be removed or pinned when it's fixed in OpenBSD)

2. If the bug is just in wcsftime and not in strftime, it may be fixed by switching to using strftime as is done on Windows:

I have never tested it, but it's possible this will impact performance, and if it's a bad enough hit it may not be worth sacrificing general performance to avoid a bug in a corner case.
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