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David and Brett: I consider part of the actions of the anonymous person using the temporary aliases 25.45 and jonsees to be violations of our Code of Conduct.  I would therefore like you two to issue a warning, if not a ban.

I consider the first part of the initial message to be arrogant and rude.  I let that go, took "The goal of this issue is not to stir up arguments, but to figure out the alternatives and ways to replace those problematic terms." at face value, re-opened the issue, and reviewed the second PR.  In response, 'jonsees' refused to fix the bug and make or discuss the other requested revisions, but instead insulted and lied*.  In other words, 'argument' rather than 'figuring out'.  This treatment of my volunteer efforts makes me less willing to contribute more.

* In the context of Victor's changes on another issue, Raymond merging his first PR, Carol's promise to review the docs for inconsiderate language, and me reviewing the second PR and approving parts thereof, "Python developers have no desire of actually accepting any of these changes" is an insulting lie.

Gabriel: From what you wrote here, it was not immediately clear what 'madness' you want stopped.  The presence of certain words in the docs?  Or the blanket removal of certain words from the docs?  I am guessing the latter.  If so, that is not what any core devs that I know of are openly advocating.

The fact that I have to guess illustrates what I wrote in the review: "the 'sin' of these words is that they tend to be vague and say more about the writer's opinion than about the ostensible subject."  Do you think it madness to replace vague (and somewhat sloppy) words with more precise words that better communicate real meaning to users?  That is what Raymond did and what I intended to do.

I am leaving this issue open so that I can at least remove "Windows is lunatic" in a new PR.
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