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Author tim.peters
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Date 2018-09-16.00:01:09
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New version of

- Reworked code to reflect that Python's sort uses (start_offset, run_length) pairs to record runs.

- Two unbounded-integer power implementations, one using a loop and the other division.  The loop version implies that, in Python's C implementation, size_t arithmetic would always suffice.  The division version shows that 2*d-1 bit unsigned division suffices if the # of array elements fits in d bits (so 64-bit ints in C would suffice for arrays up to 2**32 elements).

- Another power implementation using frexp - unpromising.

- And another that specializes the division method by rounding the array size up to a power of 2, removing the need for division.  Maybe worth looking at more, but offhand the results were significantly poorer.

- Added a "bad case" for powersort - surprising!  timsort and 2-merge are optimal in this case.  powersort "merge cost" is up to a third larger.
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