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Date 2018-09-14.17:42:00
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I'm attempting to leverage PEP 552 to make the core interpreter build process more deterministic. However, the standard Python Makefile uses `python -E` when calling the compileall (and all other setup scripts), which forces randomization since it can only be turned off through environment variables (which in turn leads to nondeterministic behaviour as noted in PEP 552 [1],[2]).

Also, is adding a flag that disables randomization something that would be acceptable? Or are options to the core interpreter to be kept to a minimum and this does not represent a large enough use-case?

This would basically hold in Modules/main.c in something as short as:
+ case 'r':
+     config->use_hash_seed = 1;
+     config->hash_seed = 0;
+     break;
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