Author jonklein
Date 2007-07-18.19:02:22
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Possible reference count leak in PyErr_Print?

When a call to PyObject_Call( someObject ) raises an exception, subsequently calling PyErr_Print and PyErr_Clear will result in different behaviors with respect to the reference count of "someObject".  The reference count of "someObject" will be 1 higher with PyErr_Print() than with PyErr_Clear().

Calling PyErr_Print followed by PyErr_Clear will still result in an extra reference count.

This may be the expected behavior, but it is not documented, and I cannot figure out how to "reclaim" the reference lost when using PyErr_Print.

Attached is a short C program which uses an embedded interpreter to illustrate the problem.  Below is the test of the simple Python module I use with the C program to demonstrate the problem.

- - - - 

class ExceptionTest:
        def RaiseException( self ):
                raise Exception()

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