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Serhiy said:
> I think using more longer name in repr and/or str for *instances* of
> enum classes is not good idea. They are already verbose, and this
> will make them more verbose.

I'm okay with verbose reprs, as debugging is the primary feature for those (at least for me).  I'm not okay with __str__ being other than what it is now (but see below).

Serhiy also said:
> Actually in some cases when enum instances are exposed as module
> globals, I would want to make them including the module name instead
> of the enum class name. For example:
> >>> import socket
> >>> socket.AF_UNIX
> <AddressFamily.AF_UNIX: 1>
> >>> print(socket.AF_UNIX)
> AddressFamily.AF_UNIX
> "socket.AF_UNIX" instead of "AddressFamily.AF_UNIX" would look better
> to me.

Since AddressFamily, and other stdlib converted constants, are created user `_convert`, I have no problem with that method also changing the __str__ to be `module.member' instead.
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