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@cheryl.sabella let me challenge some points in your arguments:

> Based on that, I don't think it's fair to blame Victor for bringing it up for discussion.

Ok, but where was the discussion? @vstinner didn't even make a point and some of the PRs were merged. Maybe I'm too spoiled by the field where I come from but this can be hardly considered to be "bringing up something for a discussion" when someone doesn't even make a point (like e.g. "I think it should be changed because..."). Ad absurdum I could say: Because of because-it-can-hurt-someones-feelings reasons it would be nice to...

> I don't recall that there were arguments a few months ago on the PR to make the docs gender neutral.  Maybe people were against that too as being 'too politically correct', but they didn't feel the need to talk about.  To me, this issue is similar to that one.

_Personally_, I consider that to be the same kind of PC/SJW nonsense and there should've been a similar discussion. However, there's a big difference. Making documentation gender neutral is unnecessary but it doesn't affect any established CS terminology and doesn't introduce artificial terminological inconsistency between related technologies. 

> But, I think it's mostly because it's what we're used to.

Yes, and that's what is established terminology about.

> Here's an idea -- find a friend and explain to them that there is a concept in computer science...

When you enter a new field a part of your responsibility is to learn its terminology and not voluntarily change it because it somehow affects you (hurts your feelings, not compatible with your political view point etc.). Imagine doing the same thing in physics, chemistry or mathematics. Would you redefine number 1 for diversity reasons (there are ways for making up diversity reasons even for this*)? The terminology used inside a field is primarily for the people who are inside the field and understand it.

My arguments can sound a bit sarcastic as they try to illustrate the absurdity of this whole issue. They are by no means personal. Seeing all the PC/SJW nonsense around me, I'm afraid that this can be the starting of Python becoming PCython (by which I don't mean a combination of Python with Cython :)).

* To see how far could this go, look at this video:
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