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Date 2018-09-07.11:15:17
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Marshalling the following C structure with ctypes in Windows (compiled with VS2015) is not working correctly.
As you can see, in the simple demo program I attached, the integer I pass as a parameter gets somehow corrupted. I use cdecl calling convention.

The corruption happens only if the returned structure contains 3 booleans, if I add a fourth bool to the structure than I get expected results.

In linux (compiling with Gcc) the same code (with 3 booleans) work as expected.

typedef uint64_t CustomHandle;

typedef struct
	bool first;
	bool second;
	bool third;
} Flags;

CustomHandle GetHandle();
Flags GetFlags(CustomHandle handle);

As already mention I attached all the files to reproduce the issue with the related cmake file
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