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Date 2018-08-18.10:59:26
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I'll try to be more precise :

- I did an (imperfect) search : before these changes 98% of the windows headers were included in the .c files in lowercase

- These changes would bring it to 100%

- The advantage of these changes are consistency and the ability to cross compile those .c files on linux for a windows target, using the mingw-w64 sdk, where the sdk is on a case sensitive filesystem, as is the default when installing this sdk in most linux distributions.

- I did not consider, nor did I test other toolchains than mingw-w64/mingw-w64-sdk on linux and msvc/windows-sdk on windows.

I'm not enough of an expert on the different tools to come up with a comprehensive solution for this issue, but am willing to validate such solution for the use case of cross compiling on linux.
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