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> New windows will support case sensitive filesystem too.

NTFS in Windows 10 supports a flag to mark a directory as case sensitive [*] via NtSetInformationFile: FileCaseSensitiveInformation, which can be set from the command line via fsutil.exe. In recent builds this flag was made inheritable by child directories, so it doesn't have to be set individually on every directory in a tree. This feature was added for inter-operation with (WSL) Linux programs. It's not intended for system directories such as "Windows Kits".

> can you tell me where you got your lowercased named files from?

IIRC, MinGW lower-cases the filenames in its modified version of the SDK.


[*] Prior to Windows XP, case-sensitive file access was possible via FILE_FLAG_POSIX_SEMANTICS (CreateFile) and FIND_FIRST_EX_CASE_SENSITIVE (FindFirstFileEx). Windows XP (the first consumer version of NT) broke those flags by adding a (default-enabled) global flag in the kernel object manager that makes all device and file access case-insensitive -- regardless of the system call's OBJ_CASE_INSENSITIVE flag. Now in Windows 10 they're bringing back selective case sensitivity in NTFS, but this time using a per-directory flag that overrides the API. It seems they don't care that this breaks the existing OBJ_CASE_INSENSITIVE flag in the NT API. IMO, this could have been handled more cleanly by combining the per-directory flag with one or two new API flags.
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