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This might not be an issue at all and maybe I'm just missing something but this confused me a bit and hence the question in title.

Python's shutil.copyfile() has a follow_symlinks argument but it only affects the source, not the destination - i.e. when src is a symlink, it makes a difference whether the flag is set (and then it will copy the destination of that src symlink) or not (and then it will just create a new symlink in dst pointing to the src symlink's destination). I hope it's clear so far.

When dst is a link though, the flag doesn't change anything and it will always copy that file to the dst symlink's destination.

My question is... If dst is a symlink and follow_symlinks flag is not set, wouldn't it be more logical if the dst symlink was just replaced by a copy of src instead of copying src to dst's destination?

Thanks and sorry if this is just noise.
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