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Date 2018-08-08.12:17:07
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Newbie to python here. I run into an issue with one desktop library, Cinnamon. Specifically this one: This library uses the urllib in the standard library to download some json. But for some reason, it does not work for me. If however, I use [](urllib3), it just works. It sounds like something the standard library could do better, so I'm reporting it here in case it's helpful.

A minimal example would be:

from urllib.request import urlopen
data = urlopen("").read()

which just hangs for me. If I pass a specific number of bytes (less than ~65000), it works, but only downloads parts of the file.

Using the equivalent code in urllib3 works just fine:

import urllib3

http = urllib3.PoolManager()
response = http.request('GET', '')


This is on

Python 3.7.0 (default, Aug  7 2018, 23:24:26) 
[GCC 5.5.0 20171010] on linux

Any help troubleshooting this would be appreciated!
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