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Thanks for your comments and the link to the issue from the year 2000.

> You mention "embedded python interpreter", but it sounds more like you mean "embedded python runtime"

Yes that's right. Sorry for imprecise wording.

> Why is completely resetting Python "a strong requirement"?

Because otherwise, if this is not an option, we need to restart the embedding C/C++ application whenever a python module is changed and need to be reloaded. This is occurring frequently in our use case and it is the main reason we want to embed python for rapid development purposes. (The application itself is a development environment for computer vision algorithms, where python is only one of multiple interacting, configurable plugins.)

Being forced to restart the whole application on code changes compromises the advantage of using a scripting language without edit/compile/link steps to a degree which questions the whole idea. I'm not very confident in hacking reload(...) stuff in the modules. 

Interestingly enough, our use case matches exactly the one which has been described as unlikely in the original issue ( the python runtime is dynamically loaded at runtime as a plugin :) I haven't tried it, but I suppose that we get the very same issues when we reload the plugin, because the dynamic libraries of extension modules are still loaded with an invalid state.

Maybe using processes and some kind of socket / shared memory communication would suit our needs better, but this is also much more complicated and error-prone to implement than simply embedding python into the main process.
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