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After more experiments on Windows, the 'stuck' window -- active, no cursor, only copy works -- is a read-only window.  I looked at other windows.

Edit > Find (Command F)
Edit > Replace (Command R)
When closed, neither window is activated. This seems wrong (on Windows, the original is), but I don't know what normal is on Linux or Mac.

Options > Settings > Keys Tab > Get New Keys for Selection: When this is closed, the text window rather than the settings dialog is activated in read-only state.  Must click on Settings dialog.  New selections does appear in keys list.

Options > Settings > Highlights > Choose Color for: When closed, all blue highlights on tab disappear.  Colorchooser is supplied by tk and might be from Apple.

File > Save (Copy) As: This OS supplied dialog is an oddball.  Only the red light turns gray and cursor remains without blinking.  The dialog has no lights and closed it turns the red back on and the cursor blinks.

Help > IDLE Help
Debug > Debugger
Debug > Stack Viewer
Help > Turtle Demo
When closed, last active other window is activated.

Conclusion: With the exception of Save and cancelled Goto, closing modal dialogs seems bugged in various ways.
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