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Author kayhayen
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Date 2018-07-28.16:01:36
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When I run:

python3.7 test/

ERROR: test_classvar_module_level_import (__main__.TestStringAnnotations)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/hayen/repos/Py2C/tests/CPython37/test/", line 2716, in test_classvar_module_level_import
    from . import dataclass_module_1
ImportError: cannot import name 'dataclass_module_1' from '__main__' (/home/hayen/repos/Py2C/tests/CPython37/test/

FAIL: test_no_repr (__main__.TestRepr)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/hayen/repos/Py2C/tests/CPython37/test/", line 1970, in test_no_repr
AssertionError: 'test_dataclasses.TestRepr.test_no_repr.<locals>.C object at' not found in '<__main__.TestRepr.test_no_repr.<locals>.C object at 0x7f6a2d4ffd68>'

The relative imports cannot work, as the main program is not in the test package. Also it has the name __main__ not the module name in repr.

As Guido said in another bug report, tests are expected to pass. Can you please adapt them?

I hope "Library" is proper component, as tests are below it.

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