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First, I'm delighted that the current docs are in fact correct regarding assignment expressions. (I should have said this earlier.)

I'm happy to wait for the implementation to land. (And if you like, I'm willing to help with the documentation. I seem to have an eye for detail.)

Whether or not mine was the only my mistake, I was misled by the PEP 572 header. (And perhaps Vadim was also - msg322479.)

This issue is, rightly, closed. Perhaps the discussion should continue in a new issue? And without Chris, if he doesn't want to be involved. Perhaps it's a matter for the release manager?

Or perhaps having Python-Version:3.8 in the PEP remain until the change lands (and then both Status and Python-Version will be changed). 

I'm new here. I'm happy for someone else to decide. No action is one option.
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