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Date 2018-07-26.15:02:12
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I don't want to make any guarantees beyond what the doc patch says.

Commutativity guarantees are difficult to deliver without exact summation. A switchover to C's hypot() creates an external dependency such that we can't make any more guarantees than were given to us (which is nothing).  Also, algorithmic switchovers risk impairing monotonicity.  The Inf/NaN rules already existed before this patch and I believe that Mark elected to not document them on a function by function basis.  Another reason not to make guarantees is that this is a "mostly good-enough patch" and I expect that either Mark or Tim will someday improve it with a "single-rounding dot product".  My aim is to make it good before any effort is given to making it perfect.  In the meantime, it makes little sense to guarantee implementation details.
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