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Date 2018-07-25.00:58:50
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I added many fields to _PyCoreConfig which duplicate global configuration varibles: _PyConfigCore.isolated duplicates Py_IsolatedFlag.

I started to modify Python to read the core configuration rather than global configuration flags. The problem is that sometimes, global configuration flags are updated, but not their duplicated core configuration fields.

Example from Modules/main.c:

static void
pymain_repl(_PyMain *pymain, _PyCoreConfig *config, PyCompilerFlags *cf)
    /* Check this environment variable at the end, to give programs the
       opportunity to set it from Python. */
    if (!Py_InspectFlag && config_get_env_var(config, "PYTHONINSPECT")) {
        Py_InspectFlag = 1;

Only Py_InspectFlag is not, not core_config.inspect.
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