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Author abo
Date 2007-08-03.19:14:31
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I just looked at popen2 and it has the same bug. I don't think __del__() related changes have anything to do with this. Popen.poll() and _cleanup() are non-threadsafe. When __init__() is called to create subprocesses simultaniously in two different threads, they both call _cleanup() and trample all over each other.

Removing _cleanup() will not leave zombies for popened processes that are correctly handled to completion. Using methods like communicate() and wait() will handle the process to completion and reap the child. 

Unfortunately, I think a fairly common use-case is people using popen to fire-and-forget subprocesses without using communicate() or wait(). These will not get reaped, and will end up as zombies.

I cannot think of an easy way to reap abandoned popen instances that is thread safe without using locks. At times like this I wish that the GIL was exposed as a recursive lock... we could have __cleanup__() acquire/release the GIL and make it atomic... no more race condition :-)
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