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The class is not documented to support __len__() or __bool__(), so this is not a bug.  There is an empty() method provided for the purposes of testing whether a queue is empty or not.  Likewise, there is a qsize() method for determining the current size.

Note, these methods have a built in race condition -- the information may be out of date by the time it is used.  In general, an EAFP approach is preferred for reliable behavior (i.e. call get() in a try/except to see whether an Empty exception is raised).

FWIW, this module's API was designed by Guido a long time ago.  Presumably, he had his reasons for choosing empty(), full(), and qsize() over the __len__() method.  Once the API has been published and then become widely used, the time for debating his API decisions is over and we work with it as published.
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