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(Serhiy: I think you meant Nuitka, not numba -- Nuitka is a Python-to-C++ compiler, and Kay is its author. Somehow he managed to confuse us all. :-)

I suspect that the way `python3 -m test` runs the tests whose name you pass on the command line causes there to be no `__annotations__` global, while the way `python3 -m test.test_opcodes` runs its argument causes there to be one.  It seems that when a module is run as `__main__` it always is endowed with an `__annotations__` global, but when it is an imported module, `__annotations__` is only created when there is at least one top-level annotation.

I don't know why the global is always created for a `__main__`, but I suspect there's a good reason; the test will have to cope, because I think it should be able to run the tests either way.
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