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Author serhiy.storchaka
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Date 2018-07-17.16:49:06
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The proposed PR reduces an overhead of calling Py_EnterRecursiveCall() when pickle simple non-recusive values: None, True, False, instances of int, float, bytes, str.

$ ./python -m timeit -s 'data = list(range(10**7)); import pickle' -- 'pickle.dumps(data)'

Unpatched:  218 msec per loop
Patched:    147 msec per loop

$ ./python -m timeit -s 'data = list(map(float, range(10**7))); import pickle' -- 'pickle.dumps(data)'

Unpatched:  218 msec per loop
Patched:    179 msec per loop

$ ./python -m timeit -s 'data = list(map(str, range(10**6))); import pickle' -- 'pickle.dumps(data)'

Unpatched:  212 msec per loop
Patched:    201 msec per loop
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