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Date 2018-07-13.19:42:36
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I think we should first determine whether xvfb is required to get the segfault, and second, where it fails.

<python2> -m test.regrtest -v -m test_io test_idle
fail and fail in the same place, the 11th and last test run in the module? If not, what about

xvfb-run <python2> -m ...?

In either case, inserting prints in 'test_writelines', which has multiple asserts, should determine where it fails.

Test.test_idle checks that tkinter can imported, which in turn imports _tkinter, which tries to connect to a windowing system. Running with xvfb satisfies this.  Test_idle finds and run the test modules in idlelib.idle_test.  Individual modules and classes somewhat redundantly import and check "requires('gui')".  So IDLE gui tests, and, I  am fairly sure, the tkinter gui tests, also require -ugui or -uall to run.  

Test_io is not a gui test, so does not need or run "requires('gui')", and hence does not need -ugui.  On the other hand, it imports PyShell, which imports tkinter and _tkinter, and hence would need xvfb-run on a headless server, as opposed to a workstation with screen.  Erich, I assume you are running on the latter.
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