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PR 8229 doesn't work if the build dir is separate from the src dir (mentioned in the PR comments).  The attached patch (makesetup_fallback_dist.txt) changes makesetup to fallback to using $srcdir/Modules/Setup.dist if Modules/Setup doesn't exist.  I removed the copying of Setup.dist to Setup.  Also, I removed the dependencies in the makefile that look for an out-of-date Setup file and the ones that automatically run makesetup.  There is now a "makesetup" target with no deps.  You would have to run "make makesetup" if you want to regenerate config.c and the Makefile.  Otherwise, running "configure" would also do the job.

One possible issue with the patch: I expect that some build systems expect that, after configure, Modules/Setup will exist in the build dir and can be modified.  For that reason, I think a better fix is to make 'configure' unconditionally create Modules/Setup from $srcdir/Modules/Setup.dist.

I'm attaching as a patch as I'm not sure about creating a bunch of half-baked PRs to show ideas.  It seems to me that a small patch as a text attachment is better.  Maybe I'm a dinosaur. ;-P
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