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Author ronaldoussoren
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Date 2018-07-10.07:30:35
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Sorry about the slow response.

The patch looks OK, although I'm entirely happy yet about the workaround for the stack size on the main thread. Primarily because framework builds use a non-standard stack size as the default one is too small for the recursion limit (IIRC especially with debug builds). 

BTW. My own use case for this feature is primarily the use of python on threads created by the system (such as threads created by Cocoa APIs and libdispatch), for threads created in Python we can (and do) create them with a large enough stack (although this guard is helpful there too).

My next step will be to test the patch locally. This might take a while because I will be traveling the rest of this month. Worst case is that I'll report back during EuroPython 2018 (starting at 23th of July)
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