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Author corona10
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Date 2018-07-02.19:00:13
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I updated the PR and we need some discussion.
I benchmarked new patch with Fibonacci codes.

baseline(master): 21.330535484 
without call sysctlbyname(PR 8046): 22.857963209 secs
with call sysctlbyname(PR 8046): 37.125129114 secs

So my choice is just believe pthread_get_stacksize_np() like rust do. (


def fib(n):
    if n == 0:
        return 0
    if n == 1:
        return 1
    return fib(n-2) + fib(n-1)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    import timeit
    print(timeit.timeit("fib(10)", setup="from __main__ import fib"))
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