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The image could have been attached to #27477, but a new issue for a new PR is needed anyway.  I will make this a dependency of that issue.

I did not at first see the difference in the screen-capture images on my monitor in Firefox with the room lighting and my eye condition as it was then, but today I do.  On Mac, the defaulf ttk background is slightly darker than the default tk background.  (No so on Windows.)  It looks subtlely tacky.  I imagine this effect might be more obvious and annoying on the live screen.

As I mentioned elsewhere, this is a second reason to insert a frame inside Toplevel, but it is a reason to do this *now*.  Please submit a PR for this addition to searchbase: a new ttk Frame, with a bit of space added.  Please call it self.frame as in query or perhaps self.searchframe, analogous to viewframe in textview.

When SearchDialogBase is renamed SearchFrameBase(Frame) and the toplevel stuff moved to another class, self.???frame in the Frame subclass will become self, so the name will only appear in the toplevel class.

In test_searchbase.SearchDialogBaseTest.test_open_and_close, adding
        self.assertEqual(self.dialog.frame.state(), 'normal')
will test the change, failing now, passing with it.  I don't know of any other changes needed in files other than searchbase.

configdialog needs a similar PR.  config_key needs a complete ttk conversion.
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