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Google Translate of msg320603 :-)

As far as I can understand, we are "subset" of each other only in the sense that VN1 have extensive map of the characters, but it also overlaps partially with control characters C0 and C1 in the page ISO code - 139 additional characters!

VN2 then let C0 and C1 retained the meaning of ISO-8859 by sacrificing some vowels (Ezio probably remember that Italy is Italy in Vietnamese - sorry, can not write it in upper case in VN2 ). VN3 then sacrifice more for some of the remaining space can be used for specific applications (standard is very vague about it);

Of standard text can be copied at & - however, the text lacks some tables.

The additional criteria including UCS-2 mapping and Unicode names of the characters, but they are in the picture; therefore, it would be preferable to get a map from the output iconv, said.
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