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Date 2018-06-21.05:55:23
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Slightly off topic but while trying to look at the code I can see a space between function name and parenthesis as below. It's not an invalid syntax but it's mentioned as a pet peeve in PEP 8 to not to have space between function name and parenthesis. I did a simple grep and I could some places where even function definitions have spaces as below. It's a trivial thing but just wanted to post it here and might seem like an invalid syntax for someone new fixing it.

# Lib/xmlrpc/

argspec = inspect.formatargspec (

# simple grep and manual scanning with `rg '\w+ \(' | grep -v -E 'if|while|for|except|return' | grep '.py' | less`

Tools/gdb/    def __init__ (self, gdbval):
Tools/gdb/    def to_string (self):
Tools/gdb/ register (obj):
Tools/gdb/ (gdb.current_objfile ())
Tools/gdb/        gdb.Command.__init__ (self,
Tools/gdb/        gdb.Command.__init__ (self,
Tools/gdb/        gdb.Command.__init__ (self,
Tools/gdb/        gdb.Command.__init__ (self,
Tools/gdb/        gdb.Command.__init__ (self,

# Relevant PEP 8 section :

> Immediately before the open parenthesis that starts the argument list of a function call:
> Yes: spam(1)
> No:  spam (1)

Also I think it will be good if a deprecation is made then it has to run the test suite with `-Werror` so that the deprecations are fixed which is slightly subjective though where deprecations are reverted back in a future version for reasons like easy 2to3 porting.

Thanks much for these easy issues and I hope someone takes it up.
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