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In my last comment above, I forgot that this issue is about *docstrings*.  We do not officially process docstrings with Sphinx, so there are no warnings to be suppressed.

PEP 8, which covers style for the stdlib, refers to
Neither says anything about markup and last I remember, there should not be any for the stdlib. Pep-0257 gives this example:

def complex(real=0.0, imag=0.0):
    """Form a complex number.

    Keyword arguments:
    real -- the real part (default 0.0)
    imag -- the imaginary part (default 0.0)
Here, parameter names are indicated by the formatting, not by markup.  If `' is used in such lists, it should just be deleted.  I believe 'name' is sometimes used in running text.

The help() function prints a docstring as is.
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