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What do you think of changing 'ToolTip' to 'Tooltip'?  The me, the extra 'T' is over-aggressive camel-casing that impedes rather than aids reading. was missing the unittest invocation at the end, so I could not the tests from an editor.  Without it, coverage on my Win 10 was 24%.  With it, 91% (same missing coverage).

There are cases where 100% is close enough to impossible to just move on.  I agree that the misse here are not necessarily showstoppers.  But I like to check whether the failure does not suggest a code change. 

TclError from widget.destroy suggests that we *might* be able to cleanup better.

"The TclError exceptions are reproduced by the htest in ":
With the code as is?  Or if the try-except is removed?

ValueError: where?

Other comments in the review.
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